case studies

DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Operational Risk Management

A senior consultant within DuPont had developed an innovative approach to operational risk management for their many global clients managing plants and sites. This approach was not yet fully articulated but the consultant's imminent departure drove the need for it to be captured, refined and communicated to other personnel world wide.

Alix worked closely with the consultant on site in Belgium in a series of in-depth workshops to tease out the characteristics of the approach and to put a structure around coaching it to others.

Together we produced an explanatory presentation and workshop, a set of coaching materials, examples and case studies, tools and a presentation outline for coachees to complete for their own clients

Airbus with SAI Global

Aviation Product Safety for All

Every role in Airbus can impact on product safety directly or indirectly. Working with two safety specialists based in Toulouse, Alix scripted scenarios set in the Operation Manager's office, on the flight deck and in the aircraft assembly hangers. She attended the video shoot where these were acted out by real personnel. Additional learning content and innovative interactions encouraged learners to make the connections between their own actions and Product Safety.

Roche with dreamm ltd.

Product training needs to be produced quickly and accurately in the Pharma sector. Alix has worked on several e-learning modules to complement product training for Roche.

Change management, Procurement processes, Travel and expenses policies are other topics for short e-learning modules written for Roche.

University of Southampton

Curriculum development: PGC in Environmental Health

Together with Professor Ian Williams, developed an innovative curriculum for a distance learning Post Graduate Certificate course to address new and evolving challenges for environmental health officers. The Charter Institute of Personnel and Development enthusiastically approved the curriculum design.

Alix as lead writer in a team of three researched and wrote the study notes on humanities based subjects. The practical Communications Module received the following comments:

"I must congratulate you on this very impressive piece of work. I know how hard it is to research and follow this type of material, let alone write it up in a coherent and logical fashion for students, and I think you have produced a quite brilliant section with tremendous  learning activities - really top drawer!"

Ian Williams

Professor of Applied Environmental Science

Faculty of Engineering & the Environment, University of Southampton